Sunday, July 12, 2009

DF does ECB

some DriftFaction dudes made the trek down to jersey for some road course action at East Coast Bash.

there was a ton of media there.
like this crazy cat

DriftFaction Mike

Group A vent, Cusco cage, SR with a/c blowing cold, double-din DVD playing porn with full interor
white on white like a bowl of rice and a rail of coke on a paper plate with a glass of milk in a snowstorm

DriftFaction Joe

URAS aero, pearl white Gravity Gullflames, fresh paint, caged and gutted track car/paperweight

DriftFaction Steve
Origin aero, eye-searing highlighter Battles, beat to shit chassis

DriftFaction Jon
hammered-and-floored chassic, SR, XXR, up-and-coming star
very soon moving to bigger and better things. keep an eye on this guy.


representing IslandSlide

representing 240SXMOTORING

should be lots more pictures and videos surfacing soon.
keep an eye peeled

DriftFaction is on the blagosphere

check back here for updates on the events we host, the cars we break, and the lives we waste.

also if you're anywhere in new england, you've probably seen one of these flyers floating around. 
i think i printed 3000? on highlighter paper that explodes your retinas on contact. so you know it's good.

be there