Monday, August 31, 2009

burn out, not fade away

it was short and sweet

DriftFaction Kyle

man entry

CRASH! girlfriend in the car

those bumps he hit that straightened him out were so bad,
that we were all getting air over them.

not to mention they're right on the entry going 50 straight at 6 tons of concrete wall.

DriftFaction Mike demonstrates



we salute you, white car

on to bigger and better things

Sunday, August 30, 2009

true story

so DriftFaction's August 14th drift event was cancelled
due to catastrophic flooding at the race track.

stupid nature.

but then i came across this last night on a friend's blog
and it made it all better for just a minute.


that may or may not be shia lebouf. not sure.

WRECKED Mag snaps

some serious keepers from the guys at WRECKED

DriftFaction Joe

DriftFaction Mike