Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bass ackwards

looks like fwd snow-drifting

thanks mike
now quit flippin cars and fix your M30


came across some better angles of this entry


stolen from salty, grainy blog

Monday, September 21, 2009


DriftFaction Derek (Myself)
squeeky clean

regamaster evo, drooped apex'i coils, 5zigen cannonball
party like it's 1999

morning dew. leaving for work.

Friday, September 18, 2009

fresh paint

DriftFaction Matt
new setup:

pignose bumper, vertex sides, kouki rear.

painted third brake bezel, shaved rear sidemarkers, and
murder tint only on the quarterglass for extra j-points

 oldz kewl

when you buy a popular tuner car from a previous owner who was also an enthusiast,
you're always gonna end up with a mod that wouldn't have been performed under your watch. 

in this case, DriftFaction Matt's new chassis got into a fight with
a few rattlecans of flat black long before he scooped it up.


cat scrapin'

so the man finally decided on a color, and the car got sprayed

fresh out of paint:

once more:
pignose bumper, vertex sides, kouki rear.

painted third brake bezel, shaved rear sidemarkers, and
murder tint only on the quarterglass for extra j-points

oldz kewl

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DF does D1

D1 made their stop at E-Town earlier this month.
DriftFaction was there.

The event was supposed to be in Philly, but got changed like four times and
 ended up back at E-Town like the last stop in 2007.   This time, the bunk-ass parking lot
was used for just that, and the new road course was utilized for the weekend. 

Obviously the J drivers made a mockery of the course and stomped all over it from the get-go.

especially this feller here:

i'm pretty sure he was drunk at the night-practice session the night before the main event. 
i know i was.

The unfortunate and untimely demise of this season's second SR for DriftFaction Dave meant
there was no way he could try to snag that D1 license this year. bummer.

looks fast. sounds like a train crash.

DriftFaction Joe had the only other car in the lineup with a cage that
satisfied D1's rulebook,  so we went down and watched him put his license to use,
and show off his new exterior setup.

sexy front, sexy sides, vertex rear. clears up front, all reds out back.
dig it.

Joe qualified. Congrats!
I think we were the only New Englanders driving the event.

Due to some wiring issues, and having a huge power disadvantage, Joe decided
to not give D1 another $250 to drive the following day.

We packed up the car, drinking ensued, much money was spent, and many lessons learned.

Like Times Square looks very different at 50mph.
Manhattan 56th and 9th has the best chicken and rice bowls I've ever eaten.
A line of 50 people at 4:30am agree with me.
When operating a motor vehicle, police on horseback are more intimidating than those in cruisers.
Strip clubs in NY don't serve alchohol...... so byob. 

Like I said, many lessons learned.

We caught about an hour of sleep at Carlos Doria's place, who gets the MVP award
for the weekend for letting us all crash for free, and for snaking me on the drunkest chick ever.

After that, it was back to the track to check on the truck/trailer/car, and enjoy the show.
None of us had half a mind to bring the camera, but the parking lot had the best cars of the entire show. 
There were a couple cool ones on display though.

got a chance to meet Waldo and peep his immaculate Supermade setup

some local guys that frequent DriftFaction events were there too.

as for driving, the event got pretty dragged out because of some sketchy driftbox issues,
and then a bunch of wasted time on judging. as the announcer, Ernie Fixmer made bad jokes
and was generally trying to kill way too much time, so it got annoying.

however the saviors of D1's technical difficulties and rough work on the site deserve a nod. 
Matt Petty did a fine job judging, and Tim aka walkietalkieman
was doing his best to keep things running smooth.

Good closing shot of Petty being a rockstar and Tim still getting the girl.