Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my young boys wildin' for respect

word was that hartford street races were gonna have a big turnout one last time for 2009

most of the serious DriftFaction cars are blown up, in pieces, or both at this
point of the year, so DriftFaction Kyle led the young'ns down to catch some action

the night's roster was:

DriftFaction Kyle:   boro hatch / sexystyle / CST
DriftFaction Steve: beat kouki / origin / battle
DriftFaction Ryan:   black coupe / rust / XXR

mandatory gas station shots

cannot wait for paint on this thing

the kids ran a few cars, but before long
they were back to their old ways:

wide three-car donut starring Kyle, Steve, and Ryan

then point-and-shoot + flash + bad shot-framing
led to a handful of pictures looking way 90's
this kid approved


first time in a while people were able to run all night.
no cops, no stabbings, no crashes, no tow trucks

left plenty of spare time to hit some corners, like so:

DriftFaction Kyle tagging some shrubbery

Thursday, October 15, 2009

spaceshiplollipop mars rover attack fighter gaudy obnoxious chromewheel car

DriftFaction Jesse
BN Sports / SexyStyle / Grenade GX-01

this is what happened when Jesse got bored with the
kouki setup in late August.

Friday, October 9, 2009

highway shots

because they're awesome

DriftFaction Dave

DriftFaction Derek (Myself)

DriftFaction Jesse

DriftFaction Kyle

DriftFaction Mike

DriftFaction Steve

also in the mix:
DF Ryan, DF Matt, DF Joe, DF Miles, WRX Joe, Yoel,
and truckers who hate imports